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La Carlota Food Enterprise (LCFE) was established in 1992 and has been in business for 23 years. We are a manufacturing company that produces the best Bulacan Pork Chicharon, Fish Crackers, Spicy Anchovies/Squid/Shrimps, Banana Chips, Peanuts with Garlic Chips, Cashew Nuts, Shing A Ling and other native Pinoy delicacies.

We manufacture tender & crunchy goodness to Filipino native delicacies.

Right now, LCFE has an estimate of 300 to 400 store clients all over the Philippines, from Ilocos, Baguio down to Cebu and Visayas areas in Cagayan, Davao and Mindanao areas. Carl's products are found almost all over the Philippines in leading supermarkets and convenience stores.

Our products are also exported through different consolidators in Asia (Hong Kong, Macau), Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Papua New Guinea, Middle East and other parts of the world.


LCFE has participated in different outbound missions and trade exhibits. We have joined the IFEX Philippines and other local trade fairs. Also, we have participated in international trade fairs such as the Philippine Fiesta in New Jersey, USA and the Pistahan Trade Exhibit in California, USA.

LCFE is committed to provide not only quality products, but also quality service to all our clients. We apply good manufacturing practices. From raw materials, cooking, to packing, we make sure that all our products are best in quality and taste. LCFE is also registered in the Bureau of Food Administration (BFAD).


We aim to be part of each customer’s success and this goal makes us work harder to improve our quality and services.




When Pork Rind Chicharon comes to mind, we may think of it as an appetizer, snack, "pulutan"  (finger-food), or even as toppings to dishes such as Palabok. It has been a favorite among Filipinos and with that in mind, La Carlota Food Enterprise was established to make the best Pork Chicharon, that is Carl's Bulacan Best Pork Chicharon.


In the year 1992, Carl's, as the company's brand, started small by manufacturing pork rind chicharon in Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan where chicharon is very famous. Eventually, Fish Crackers and Fried Anchovies were added as their products. They had their first clients from bus terminals, pasalubong outlets and small restaurants.


Starting small, they made their way up by growing both their product line and their market which today, includes different convenience stores, supermarkets and even exports around the world. They added Banana Chips, Shing A Ling, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts and Fried Squid. All of which are favorite snacks of Filipinos. With innovation, they also added Microwavable and Ready-To-Fry Pork Rind Chicharon in their product line.


Today, Carl's Native Filipino Products are packaged to bring our customers the best pasalubong experience or even just their simple merienda experience. We even suggest Carl's Pork Chicharon as viand to be eaten with rice! 



We, at La Carlota Food Enterprise, are committed to provide not only quality products, but also quality services to all our clients. We aim to be part of each customer's success and this goal drives us to work harder for the benefit of not only our company, but also our clients as well as our employees.


Our employees have been with the company for long years and we value their dedication and hardwork by providing them better food on the table, education of their children, and decent living.


Carl's Pork Rind Chicharon & Other Filipino Native Products
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