Carl's Native Snacks

La Carlota Food Enterprise has been manufacturing Carl's products for over 20 years now

and with our recipe secrets, we assure you of taste and quality. 


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Microwavable & Ready-To-Fry


Our latest product is the Microwavable Pork Rind Chicharon and the Ready-to-Fry Pork Rind Chicharon. 


Our product line includes Pork Rind Chicharon, Fish Crackers, Crispy Anchovies, Crispy Squid, Peanuts with Garlic Chips, Cashew Nuts, & Shing A Ling.



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Pork Rind Chicharon

Carl's Pork Rind Chicharon comes

in two (2) variations.


There is the Special Pork Rind Chicharon which is made from pork skin. This comes in flavors:  Regular, Hot & Spicy, Pinakurat, Cheese, BBQ, Smoky Bacon, Wasabi, Sour & Cream, and Garlic.

Available in a 120-gram pack and a 60-gram pack. 


The other is the Special Backfat Pork Rind Chicharon which is made from pork skin with fat for that extra indulgent and scrumptious munch.

Available in a 150-gram pack with vinegar.




Carl's Special Fish Crackers are made from rice flour and is flavored for a savory and delightful snack experience.


Its distinct taste and crunchiness will make you go gaga over this product. You will want to crave for more once you start eating. You can also dip this in vinegar. This comes in flavors: Regular, Cheese, Hot & Spicy, Pinakurat and Wasabi.


Available in a 100-gram pack.


Fish Crackers


Crispy Anchovies

& Crispy Squid


Carl's Crispy Anchovies (Dilis) & Crispy Squid (Pusit) are made from fresh anchovies and squids which are then turned into crunchy and tasty snack items.


Carl's deep-fries the fresh anchovies and squids with a special coating to make it crunchy and very delicious. You can have it spicy or in just a regular flavor.


Available in a 40-gram pack.



Banana Chips

Carl's Banana Chips are made from premium Philippine bananas. This is a healthy and delicious snack alternative.


Our banana chips will make you eat non-stop because of its taste and crispiness. It's not too thick nor too thin and that is why every bite will lead you to another!


Available in a 150-gram pack and a 300-gram jar.

Cashew Nuts


Carl's Cashew Nuts are made from selected cashew nuts which are baked for a light and grease-free snack.


Our cashew nuts aren't too salty nor too bland and just like our banana chips, every bite will lead you to another!


Available in a 100-gram pack and 250-gram jar.


Carl's Peanuts with Garlic Chips are made from peanuts baked with garlic chips for added zest and flavor.


Our peanuts are baked with utmost care to achieve a distinct taste and texture. Since it is baked, it's less greasy. And if you want some spice, this comes in flavors: Regular, Hot & Spicy, and Smoky Bacon.


This is another product of Carl's that will surely make your heart happy.


Available in a 100-gram pack and 300-gram jar.


Peanuts with

Garlic Chips

Carl's Shing A Ling (flour sticks) are made from flour and real malunggay (Moringa oleifera) flakes, friend and seasoned to be slightly spicy for that appetizing and tangy bite, plus added nutritional value.


It is not so spicy that anyone can eat it, even those who hate spicy food will learn to love this.


Available in a 100-gram pack.


Shing A Ling



Carl's Pork Rind Chicharon & Other Filipino Native Products
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Pork Rind Chicharon, Fish Crackers, Banana Chips, Peanuts with Garlic Chips, Cashew Nuts, Shing A Ling, Spicy Anchovies, Spicy Squid


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